Sunday, June 20, 2010

When in Doubt, Spout it Out!!!

OMG you guys.

I found a picture of a whalespout cake not but 2 weeks ago, and had been dying to do one, so when I got the call for a sea creature cake, I nearly peed my pants.  A little back story here:

Anyone remember back in the 80s and 90s when the whalespout hairstyle was all the rage?  You know, the ponytail planted firmly on top of your head, so as to 'spout' your hair?  Back in my good old days of TV production, we had a saying in the office, 'when in doubt, spout it out.'  It seemed that spouting your hair in any given situation, made the day more manageable.  We became so enthralled by the spout, that we began to celebrate on a weekly basis - Whalespout Wednesday.  We managed to find several shirts and even a skirt (thank you Target!) with whalespouts!  This tradition moved from production office to production office, and even now that I'm not in production anymore, still lives on!

SOOOOO - imagine my excitement to make the whalespout cake!  I was doubly excited because it's not very often that a 3 year old girl asks for something other than a princess cake.  Also, she loves lemon cake, and I have a lemon cake recipe that I LOVE!  So this cake was all around super awesome for me to make.  My kids were pretty impressed too!

And, I swear, I'm not insane.

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