Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Princess Party for my Princesses!

When your daughters turn 2 and 4, within 3 weeks of each other, the smart thing to do is to combine the party and make it a royal princess bash x 2!

Well, until you realize that means royal princess cakes x 2.  In the middle of summer.  With no air conditioning.  And a refrigerator full of food for a family of 4.  And you're almost 7 months pregnant.

With all the cards stacked against me, I was bound and determined to make my unique little princesses, unique not-so-little cakes.  And I think I did it!  Sure I was force feeding everyone food they didn't want, just because I needed the fridge space, and sure the oven made my house feel like a sauna, and yes my feet felt like giant sausages at the end of every day, but for my little babies I would do it all over again.

Happy Birthday to me dear, sweet, precious little princesses.  We love you oh so much!

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