Saturday, November 13, 2010


That's what do you get when you combine the love of dinosaurs with the awesomeness of a volcano!  This cake is so rad, it needs a video.

One of my favorite little boys has a serious love for dinosaurs.  Like crazy love.  Like annoyingly corrects all of us adults when we mispronounce dexamicrosaurasomethingorother.  And he's only 4.  I was praising Jesus a few months ago when suddenly he concluded that he in fact did not need a pterodactyl (check me on that Gus) cake, but instead wanted a volcano.  Of course we could not totally ignore the dinosaurs, and after realizing others are capitalizing on dino crazed kids, I hooked him up with some dinosaur cookies.  Which he promptly declared he wanted, but not because he wanted to eat them, because he didn't want anyone else to eat them.  Happy Birthday little dude.

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